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Are Plates A Thing Of The Past?!

There is a movement going on in the events and wedding world and that’s the rise of creative catering and by this, I don’t just mean that there’s quinoa on the menu, I mean the hugely imaginative, and slightly bonkers, way food is being presented. 


As a bit of a giggle, I follow a fantastic Instagram account, We Want Plates Official (which has 11.7k followers!) which exposes venues around the world and their creative, non-plated food. Joking aside though, there is now a demand for catering companies to not only produce amazing food for events and weddings, but to showcase it in a highly creative and visual ways – the pressure is on. 

There’s no more thinking that the food table should be in the back out of the way, there is a desire for the food to be presented centre-stage and be as much as part of the event or wedding as the decoration itself. This means colour-co-ordination and eye-catching, Instagram-worthy presentation and stories. 

But don’t worry, you don’t have to have sausages on pegs or a shrimp tower – yes, they’re really a thing - to be creative, here are my tips on how to bring your food to life and make it a memorable part of your event or wedding. 

Get Interactive

There is a real taste, excuse the pun, for interactive food experiences at the moment so why not bring that to your event. Ideas include having a chef making something on the spot or allowing guests to pick their own ingredients and design their food or having someone shuck oysters that the guest has chosen. This makes it fun, interactive and inclusive. 

Get Creative With Your Ingredients

Now I don’t mean going mad and giving people things they’ve never experienced before as that may go one of two ways but try and go against the norm. What does every other event and wedding serve? What could you do differently and really take note of what time of year it is, what’s in season and locally produced. This could give it a lovely angle and story that people love and allows for imaginative presentation opportunities. 

Tap Into Memories

This will depend on what type of event you are hosting but tapping into a theme and memories surrounding that is a really powerful element and extremely memorable. So, for example, you could have an ice cream van with retro music and serve old-school Screwballs (remember them?!) or have a Willy Wonka-inspired dessert table all purple and swirly with food that tastes completely different to how it looks. 

Other options include taking people back to a certain country – so maybe a wedding could have a nod to a certain special place and the menu and display food as it would be displayed there. If you were having Vietnamese food, for example, it could be displayed in a street market style. 

Get Colourful

To get the wow factor at an event can take a simple thing – lots of colour. So why not bring this into the food. Imagine a large table full of colour and texture – Instagram would be going wild. People always love out of the ordinary and unexpected so give them that. Go against the grain of what your sort of event would usually do and mix things up a little bit. 

Shaun Johnson