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Corporate Events Get Creative

When you think of corporate events, they can often be associated with being stuffy and a bit dull but all that is changing thanks to companies and organisations now demanding memorable and bespoke experiences for their employees and guests.

I work on a lot of corporate events, including summer / Christmas parties, conferences, singular dining experiences etc and now, more than ever, there is a demand for “something different.


As a London-based events planner, this is music to my ears as there is so much scope to choose from and creativity to dip into. The confines of off-the-shelf events has gone (thankfully!) and now we can really get creative.

Even though this is really exciting for me, I do empathise with the people within organisations that have been charged with creating this amazing, memorable event when they have little experience or time. This is where I come in and help.

There is a lot of pressure on in offices up and down the land to create amazing summer parties for staff with HR and events teams frantically trying to find something that will fit the bill.

But my advice here is to think about September as it is a great month for entertaining.

People are back from holiday, there’s the ‘back to school’ vibe going on and the sun is, usually, still shining.

I’ve organised a number of events in September and they have all been great as there seems to be a full team present and a really positive attitude wanting to celebrate their organisation’s successes.

London is a fantastic place to organise events as we can go on the water, on the land, in the air or under-ground and there is anything and everything available to suit all tastes. Anything is possible in this great city of ours – you just need to know the right people and the hidden gems, which luckily, I do.

I love nothing more than helping people create the event they desire and bring a bit of extra magic to it so if you, or anyone you know, is tasked with organising an event for their workplace, either for staff, clients or both, I would love to help and make their event utterly memorable.

Shaun Johnson