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A Wedding's A Wedding

I have been thinking about writing this for a while and, as a gay man, I feel I have something to say on the matter.

Why are 'straight' and LGBTQI weddings and services marketed so differently and indeed separately? Why are there still two camps? Isn’t it time we were all singing from the same hymnbook? 

For me, a wedding is about celebrating the love of two people regardless of what sex they are or what preferences they have.

'Just Married'

'Just Married'

Having worked on a number of gay weddings now and none more special than that of my brother’s. Their civil partnership/wedding was a few years back now and was one of the first gay weddings for many who attended, as it was still a pretty new concept. 

Opting for a stripped back day away from the wedding template, they wanted to feel comfortable at every step. Ditching the cake, the favours, walking down the aisle and even the rings to spend the money on great food and booze for their nearest and dearest instead. They wanted to create a day of celebration with the people they loved, and it was just phenomenal! 

I simply love weddings and what I particularly love about the LGBTQI ones I have been involved in is that that there are no rules and no confines of tradition to stick to if the couple are wanting to embrace that. 

I now empower all of my couples to understand this notion and to feel confident in creating a day that suits their needs and reflects them as individuals.

Coming back to my initial point, although we’ve come a long way in terms of LGBTQI weddings being part of the main now, I still see clear camps in advertising and editorial for couples starting their inspirational/wedding building search and I don’t really understand why? 

What I’d really like to see is more LGBTQI weddings being featured in the big wedding publications; embedding these into their regular editorials and features so that all couples (regardless of their orientation) are able to take influences from a whole range of ideas and start to embrace the wedding market as one.

What I do understand is that every couple is unique and that is why, I do not specify that I am a gay / straight / LGBQTI wedding planner – I am all of these things as I am dedicated to designing your wedding perfectly for you without exception.



Shaun Johnson