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The Power of Influencer Marketing for Events

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It’s pretty safe to say that the influencer marketing industry has well and truly boomed over the past couple of years, gone are the days of idolising celebrities and instead many of us are now influenced by our favourite Instagram accounts.

Recently I was lucky enough to work with Italian clothing brand, Antony Morato on the opening of their flagship UK store in Westfield London. The number one aim from the brand was to get well-known, London influencers to attend the event and create engaging content which would then be shared with their large followings. We chose to engage with popular, male influencers Carl Thompson and Miles Nazaire who we gifted with pieces from the brand as well as a fee in a return for them to attend the event and create a designated number of posts. Due to their reach, popularity and consistency, each post attracted around 15,000 people. Pretty impressive numbers!

One you have gained an understanding about the power these influencers have on their audiences it’s easy to see why it’s a great idea to incorporate influencer marketing into your event strategy. Unless you are a huge brand it’s probably sensible to start small so micro-influencers could be a good option for you! This term relates to those influencers who typically have under ten thousand followers on Instagram and although they have a smaller audience their followers tend to be more engaged which can often provide similarly impressive results.

If you’re thinking about harnessing the power of influencer marketing for your next event here are my five top tips to ensure the collaboration runs smoothly:

1. Pick relevant influencers

It’s incredibly important to be selective when it comes to choosing the influencers you want to work with, they have to be relevant to the brand and have an audience worth tapping in to. Make sure to consider factors such as niche, age, gender and location - don’t be afraid to ask an influencer for their audience insights as you want to make they are the right choice for your brand!

2. Be open

Be sure to voice right from the get-go what it is you are looking for from the collaboration, whether you’d like a set number of images shared on the influencer’s Instagram feed, Instagram stories uploaded whilst they are at the event or even a written blog post afterwards it’s important to be clear. The same can be said when it comes to the incentives, whether it’s an arranged fee, free product, an invite to the exclusive event or a goodie bag to take home make sure that it’s something that both parties are happy with.

3. Make your event Instagram worthy

With your influencers arranged you need to make sure they are able to create good quality content so having an instagrammable venue is absolutely key. Consider adding features such as a photo-booth or photo-wall along with well presented cocktails and canapes to ensure your influencers are able to capture content that they’re happy to share on their curated platforms.

4. Provide the key information

You want to give your brand the most exposure possible from the event so make sure to provide your chosen influencers with key information such as the brands Instagram handle and specific hashtag in advance so they know who and what to tag when posting content. Also be sure to provide a brief on exactly what it is that the event is celebrating, whether its a new product launch or a pop up shop, you want the influencers content to say all of the right things!

5. Follow up

Be sure to follow up with your attendees after the event to make sure they had a good evening and ask for any feedback. You can also use this as an opportunity to thank them for the content they have created, it’s the perfect way to build relationships and create a good base of influencers who will be happy to support your brand moving forward.

Have you experimented using influencer marketing for any of your events? Is it something you’d consider in the future?

Shaun Johnson