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When Things Don't Quite Go To Plan

So I’m super excited to be going away soon for a few days to beautiful Lisbon and I must say, it can’t come quick enough! I pride myself on my organisation, my attention to detail and delivering amazing weddings and events but sometimes, things are just out of my hands.



For example, I have been running a live event this week that involved audience participation through their phones, and low and behold the wifi dropped out! Springing into action, we managed to resolve that just ahead of the flash downpour that wasn't content to stay on the outside of the building! Buckets ahoy and a team of good spirited help the event went on! Not quite the bucket list tick off I'd hoped for but hey, you can only plan so much.

As an events organiser when this happens my main priority is to jump into action, communicate effectively and make good of the situation. From experience, I have in the back of my mind a ‘worst case’ scenario (what if the bride doesn’t turn up?! Thankfully never happened!) and have a contingency plan, be calm and organised - a panicked events planner is not a good look!

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Shaun Johnson