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Why Winter Weddings Work

I have to say, I’m a bit of a fan of a winter wedding. There's a hugely magical feel of a crisp winter’s day, autumnal colours and textures, fireplaces and cosy atmospheres.

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Winter weddings are getting a lot more common and I’ve noticed that there is a big increase in the amount of weddings taking place on New Year’s Eve - I mean, that’s one night that you’re guaranteed people are up for a party, right?! Around Christmas too is very family-oriented and a wonderful time for couples to have their special day. 

There are some great advantages for having a winter wedding. Firstly, you don’t have the pressure of worrying about the weather, you kind of know what you're in for and if the sun's out it’s a huge bonus; and there is nothing more lovely than a bright, crisp winter photo. Budget is a factor too, as in the colder months venues tend to be cheaper (apart from the December Christmas party season) so you can get more for your money and have your magical wedding at a lower cost. On the day itself, you can really play with colours and textures and introduce warm tones, fur (fake of course), candles, fireplaces and the all important lighting to make your venue look and feel utterly magical. 

In my experience, October and November are great months. I would advise avoiding the run up to Christmas to avoid the hikes in venue hires, between Christmas and New Year is great as most of your guests will be off work. January is a little difficult as your guests may not be up for the party if they're mad enough to be doing dry Jan. Good deals are to be had in February and March I'd say and there is so much to play with to make your day unique. 

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Shaun Johnson