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How To Host The Perfect New Year's Eve Party

With Christmas so nearly here, thoughts turning to New Year’s Eve and making plans to see in 2018 in style. More than ever, people are choosing to celebrate at home rather than heading out and It's a great way to have all those dearest to you without losing them all night! 


If you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party how can you make it memorable for your guests? 


Get some practice in and serve up a few that you can knock out easily. Espresso Martinis are a favourite of mine and the caffeine boost helps perk everyone up.

Tip - If you have an espresso machine get this brewed early, bottle up and place in the fridge ahead of time. You can also pre-mix it all (get your measures right) and then all you need do is shake over ice to serve! Delicious!

Put on a spread

Now by this time, a lot of people will have had their fill with the usual beige offerings, so liven up the table with an impressive antipasti/cheese board. Fill it with gorgeous fresh figs, grapes, nuts and delicious cold meats. You don't have to worry about it spoiling either so you can keep it out for people to munch on throughout the night.


It's all about the prep. Take the stress out of your night by getting the leg work done in advance. You're the host not the staff so don't over complicate it!


Music is the make or break so know your audience! Put together a playlist for the occasion beforehand rather than scrabbling to DJ during the event. A well-thought out playlist works wonders and if you can time it so a perfect song comes on at midnight then amazing. 

These three elements are all you need. Throw in a few games to liven up the mood and the nights a winner. 

Oh, and don't forget the bubbles at midnight! 

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