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My Time At The National

I was lucky enough to cut my teeth in events at the National Theatre where I was offered the opportunity to switch from hospitality to event management and I loved it.



I’d worked at the National Theatre for years in the catering arm and there was an opening to join the events team which I jumped at. I remember I had to design a mood board for the interview brief and I utterly loved it as it touched on my artistic side and it allowed me to stand out from the rest of the candidates and I am proud to say, I got the job.

The events team was pretty small when I started which was really good as I got to work on everything from press nights to corporate sponsor events and the annual fundraisers. Each event was great and really special and unique and I learnt so much from my team and just being thrown into it. Being in that environment also made me not that star struck as I was seeing famous people all the time so that has really helped me when running my own business – they‘re only people after all! I say that though, I did actually pinch myself when one time I was carrying a tray of drinks and asked these two ladies to squeeze through between them and it was Dame Judi Dench and Glenn Close – that was pretty amazing!

My proudest achievements during my time at the National was launching the Deck which is their rooftop events space which allowed weddings and gorgeous events to be held there and also just being myself which sounds cheesy, but it really gave me the freedom and confidence to know that events are what I love doing and what I’m good at. 

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Shaun Johnson